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Titans is for those who are driven to succeed. We interview world class Investors, Founders, Innovators, and Leaders and decode their GENIUS so you can unlock higher levels of performance in your life.

Titans is for those who are driven to succeed. We interview world class Investors, Founders, Innovators, and Leaders and decode their GENIUS so you can unlock higher levels of performance in your life.

Most Viewed Episodes

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Brian J Esposito - The Humble Wisdom of Greatness
In a flash Brian's life perspective changed. Since that day over a decade ago, he's been driven with a deeper purpose.  

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Allen Witters - What $20B+ of Sales Teaches You
What you would learn from creating the most innovative IT company in the world, serving governments and institutions earning over $20B+ revenue.

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Vijay Lakshman - Creator of Worlds
Having designed, created, and sold billions of dollars worth of the worlds most popular video games, Vijay will help you to realize many of the connections between having fun and achieving a lot of success.

The Core Wealthyer Team

Padel Lattimer

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Co Founder, Managing Partner
The Industry Maverick

Padel Lattimer, a dynamic leader and Co-Founder & Managing Partner at Wealthyer, has a distinguished track record in scaling startups and driving digital transformation in the financial services industry. With a profound expertise in global business development and regulatory matters, Padel has been instrumental in propelling TBA Management Consulting from a nascent startup to a firm generating over $16 million annually in just three years.

A Columbia Business School alumnus, Padel’s career highlights include serving as CEO at TBA Management Consulting and holding influential roles in several prestigious financial institutions. He boasts a substantial history of leading digital and strategic transformations, from restructuring mutual fund businesses to generating multi-million dollar sales pipelines.

As an independent board member at a top global fund manager, Padel has overseen over 100 funds, bringing his deep knowledge of trading, operations, and distribution to the forefront. His leadership in developing regional processing centers across continents and pioneering asset servicing strategies reflects his global outlook and innovative mindset.

His blend of strategic vision, technical expertise, and commitment to sustainable practices makes him a pivotal figure in the evolving landscape of finance and technology.

Jacob Vandersteen

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Co-Founder, CEO
The Dynamic Driver

Jacob Vandersteen, a dynamic Co-Founder & CEO at Wealthyer, is a trailblazer in the tech and financial industries. Known for his expertise in capital raising and AI innovation, Jacob has a proven track record of transforming businesses for exponential growth. At Wealthyer, he specializes in scaling founder-owned companies, driving them towards lucrative exits with strategic partnerships and groundbreaking deals. A thought leader in technology, wealth creation, and entrepreneurship, Jacob's insights inspire action and his leadership turns ambitious visions into reality. His approach is simple: harness technology, maximize value, and impact the world of finance and beyond.

Ron Ramanujam

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Senior Advisor
The Revenue Leader

Ron Ramanujam is a Senior Advisor with Wealthyer, a distinguished leader in innovation, digital transformation, and business strategy, particularly in the Tech/SaaS space. A graduate of the University of Pennsylvania's Wharton School, Ron brings a dynamic, analytical, and adaptive approach to his leadership role. His expertise lies in blending strategic business acumen with robust technical knowledge, driving significant revenue growth and scaling digital businesses.

With a career marked by achievements across various industries including financial services, healthcare, TMT, and consumer retail, Ron is recognized for his deep analytical thinking and creative problem-solving skills. His domain expertise extends to Fintech, digital banking, and wealth & asset management.

With a rich background in digital transformation and enterprise solutions at BCG Platinion, Ron has consistently proven his ability to lead mission-critical digital programs and drive strategic business objectives. His skill set includes agile and waterfall methodologies, data architecture, customer experience strategies, and C-level communications, among others.

As a Chief Revenue Officer at StreamScape Technologies and through various other roles, Ron has been instrumental in developing industry-specific solutions, forming strategic partnerships, and fostering business development.

In his role at Wealthyer, Ron continues to apply his extensive knowledge and experience in strategy, digital innovation, and sales leadership to create new capabilities and paradigms in the financial industry. His leadership is not just about steering the company towards success; it's about reshaping the landscape of digital business strategy.

Dmitry Lelchuk

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Senior Advisor
The Technology Insider

Dmitry Lelchuk is a luminary in the realm of technology and innovation, serving as a Senior Advisor at Wealthyer and renowned as 'The Tech Insider'. As the Founder and CEO of StreamScape Technologies, Dmitry has been instrumental in specializing Cognitive AI and Real-Time Business Intelligence. His work at StreamScape is a testament to his expertise in building systems that augment human intelligence, empowering customers to make smarter, more informed decisions.

A graduate of the City University of New York-Hunter College, Dmitry is deeply rooted in New York, where he has cultivated a strong professional network and following. With over 960 followers and 500+ connections, his influence in the tech world is both broad and impactful.

Before founding StreamScape, Dmitry held pivotal roles at Neeve Technologies and Progress Software, where he honed his skills in Data System Architecture, System Integration, and Event Stream Processing technologies. His experience in high-performance distributed systems and enterprise applications, particularly in the financial services and electronic commerce sectors, positions him as a leading figure in technology consulting.

At TIBCO Software, as a Manager in the Advanced Technology Group, Dmitry led a team of tech experts in critical Proof of Concept projects, further cementing his reputation as a problem solver and innovator in challenging tech environments.

Dmitry's insights into #realtime, #automation, #cognitiveai, #dataintegration, and #realtimeanalytics are not only profound but also actionable, making him a sought-after voice in the industry. His ability to translate complex tech concepts into practical business solutions makes him an invaluable asset to Wealthyer and its clientele.

Through his varied roles and extensive experience, Dmitry embodies the spirit of continuous innovation and progress, making him a pivotal contributor to the evolving landscape of technology and business intelligence.

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